100% Natural
No Artificial Flavors
or Sugar!
Nutz 4 Coffee
Nutz 4 Coffee Certification No Artificial Flavors
Nutz 4 Coffee Certification No Sugar

..only Nutz 4 Coffee 

adds Flavor & Nutrition using All Natural Ingredients!

Roasted Almond with Rasberry and Cashew with Blueberry
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Roasted Cashew with Blueberry
Nutz 4 Coffee Coffee cup
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Nutz 4 Coffee Custom Box

Coffee flavor options with all natural ingredients!

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Our proprietary roasting adds real fresh-ground

roasted nuts to your coffee!

Where to buy:        
LakeShore Coffee House
Euclid, OH 
The Rift Shop
Olmsted Falls, OH 
NOSH Butters
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 
The Corner
Shaker Heights, OH 


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Together with Central Kitchen

2800 Euclid Ave STE #150

Cleveland, OH 44115 

Nutz 4 Coffee Certification Gluten Free
Nutz 4 Coffee Certification Freshness Guarantee
Nutz 4 Coffee Certification 100% Natural

Marilyn B.

The Roasted Walnut is my favorite. Nutz 4 Coffee makes my coffee healthy! Walnuts are known for having some of the best health benefits!

Tony C.

Because I am diabetic, I prefer Nutz 4 Coffee for an awesome taste, compared to flavored creamers that contain sugar.

Alana H.

My favorite is the almond because of the aromatic experience!

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