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Is Coffee a Bean? Caffeine in Coffee & Natural Flavors for Coffee.

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Coffee is actually a small seed in a piece of fruit about the size of a cherry.

Coffee fruit Beans |
Coffee fruit
Coffee seed Nutz4Coffee
Coffee seed

Some people might call it a bean but it is actually a seed! When roasted the seed produces a pleasant aroma and is used to brew coffee. Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world, possibly not only for the taste but because coffee contains natural caffeine!

Caffeine aids your body and mind by keeping it awake and alert. Did you know that before coffee is brewed, the lighter the seed is while roasting the higher the caffeine content is?


The Darker the roast the less the caffeine, because more caffeine is lost during the roasting process.

Your typical lighter roasts are breakfast blends to medium roasts. Whereas your darker roasts are french roasts to bold coffee. So with all this natural flavor and natural energy boost with caffeine, why would anyone want to add any artificial ingredients to flavor their coffee?

There is fortunately an all-natural flavoring option on the market called Nutz 4 Coffee.

It is even a healthy choice for you!

Nutz 4 Coffee is a 100% all-natural option that not only adds natural flavor but nutrients. It is real fresh-ground roasted nuts in a filtered bag that you steep or stir into your favorite brewed coffee!

Check out their page at

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