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How Nutz 4 Coffee is Rethinking Coffee Flavoring

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Nutz 4 Coffee Interview

Posted on October 01 2020

People have a love affair with the dark and seductive roasted bean juice that is known as coffee. It is the fuel that has driven human innovation to breakneck speeds. Coffee has had its hooks in my lip since freshman year of high school. Those cold and dark school mornings were momentarily soothed by a warm cup of Columbia’s finest. It is and will continue to be the bitter lifeblood that propels me forward. I say this to assure you that I appreciate a good cup of mud as much as the next guy. For this reason, when I see a company innovating this ancient beverage, I get excited. I had the pleasure of interviewing one such company, Nutz 4 Coffee. Nutz 4 Coffee is an Ohio based company run solely by business partners Matthew and Kevin. They looked at the landscape of the coffee industry and decided that there were far too many artificial flavorings tainting the sacred drink with sugar-filled chemical slop. A beverage based on roasted beans deserves and equally natural flavor. And so, from this belief enters Nutz 4 Coffee.

Nutz 4 Coffee Debut

All Natural

Nutz 4 Coffee Packets

The two partners roast all-natural nuts and fruits for direct coffee infusion. Rather than the artificial, overly sweet, and unnatural coffee additives that dominate the market, Matthew and Kevin are producing farm-grown coffee flavorings. They use a proprietary roasting method to add nut and fruit flavors into the coffee. The result has better flavoring with zero sugars. On their website, you can find testimonials from customers like Tony C, who says “Because I am diabetic, I prefer Nutz4Coffee for an awesome taste, compared to flavored creamers that contain sugar.”

Nuts 4 Coffee Directions

I had the chance to try the Roasted Cashew with Blueberry flavor, and it without a doubt is better than any of the polysaccharide, aspartame, and other crap crammed creamers you can buy from the store. Rather than a plastic saccharine taste dominating my coffee, the Roasted Cashew and Blueberry worked with the natural flavor of the drink. I asked Nutz 4 Coffee about the growth and direction of their company, and this is what they had to say: “Even as a black coffee drinker, I wanted to try something different to add variety to my coffee. Every product seemed to contain artificial flavors and sugars. I started looking online to see if there were any natural coffee flavor options but wasn't satisfied and found nothing I liked. I thought how cool would it be to have an actual real roasted hazelnut coffee. A product that not only adds all-natural hazelnut flavor but the nutrients of the hazelnut. We rented out a spot at Central Kitchen Cleveland and started producing Nutz 4 Coffee. A Labor of Love

Nutz 4 Coffee Nuts 4 Coffee

The two men running the whole shebang at Nutz 4 Coffee do it while also juggling full-time jobs. The two partners alone are working tirelessly to retrofit the bloated coffee flavoring industry in a completely different way. This goal is no easy feat, so they must be guided by a belief and a passion for their products. When asked about this driving force, their response was, “It is definitely a passion of ours. We believe this product is the variety a lot of coffee drinkers need to experience. Also, our hope is that it will intrigue others who never thought of drinking coffee a second chance at the whole coffee experience.”  This passion has pushed the two to continue to innovate and improve upon their flavors. Remember when I mentioned the Roasted Cashew and Blueberry flavor? According to Matthew,  

Nuts 4 Coffee Box and packets

“The Roasted Cashew w/ Blueberry Took almost 2 months to get the perfect taste of cashew and blueberry, without overpowering the coffee. The others were challenging but we got them down to be perfect. We are keeping our methods the way we have them to keep consistency and are innovating as we build the business.” Currently, the company has a variety of flavor options like Roasted Hazelnut, Pecan, Peanut, Walnut, Pistachio, and Roasted Almond with Raspberry. This list will continue to grow as the partners experiment with new flavors and combinations. When asked about Mathew’s favorite flavor he stated, “It is a tough question. They are all my favorite but I still am partial to the hazelnut because it is the flavor that started the business. I think my partner’s favorite is the Roasted Pistachio. And I believe the biggest seller is the Roasted Cashew w/ Blueberry.” Power of Packaging

Nuts 4 coffee packages

When it comes to choosing the packaging, Nutz 4 Coffee aims to keep their nuts fresh while establishing the right brand image. Nutz 4 Coffee uses our recycled paper kraft bags in the natural brown color. They also take advantage of our custom printing service to place their logo onto the packages. Matthew stated that his and Kevin’s company “First started with a see-through cellophane bag and cardstock with what flavor it was. We wanted a more professional look. QQ Studio was the professional look we needed and trusted the quality of the brand. They keep the roasted nuts fresh, and we never had any problems with them. We searched online for some time before we discovered and stuck with QQ Studio." The Future

Nutrition facts

Nutz 4 Coffee is steadily growing and expanding to new stores. They also sell their products through Etsy, and their website Currently, this company is just getting started, but the future holds bright possibilities for these two. When questioned if there were upcoming flavors, Matthew responded, “Of course! We want many options for people to enjoy a complimenting natural flavor with real ingredients and no additives to their coffee. Ending Notes And there you have it. Nutz 4 Coffee is managing to gain success by creating all-natural and delicious coffee flavors. How do they perfect these flavors? By taking the time to achieve the right results. Constant innovation, improvement, and testing is the only way to push forward in the industry. If you would like to share your company's story, reach out to me at We will gladly spread the word of your company in our next post. If you would also like to create custom printed bags for your company, learn more on our Custom Printing page. Be the next company to strike it big by utilizing quality packaging bags and custom printing.

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